Why us

Why us ?

Because we are the first consultancy established in Kenya and the Congo Republic , composed of Spanish residents in Kenya and Congo with over 8 years professionally trained Kenyans in Europe and the United States.
With influence east and west of the continent , we have full knowledge of how cultures interact in these countries and we are able to develop ourselves properly between them.

What is our added value ?

We differ from other companies in our industry , because our knowledge of these markets are given by personal experiences directly in the field , away from offices and organized trips.
Internalize their culture and understand their world view and functioning of relationships have been key to gain respect and positioning within local communities.

How we succeed in our projects ?

The success of our work lies in two fundamental pillars on which is built this company :
• The business just and prosperous for all parties
• The satisfaction of all parties involved in such projects or operations.

Through transparency and honesty, we act with firmness and immediate response to our customers. We pursue our goals and continue to the end.