In AFRICA TRADING POINT base our actions on business transparency and closeness of relationships.
The rigor and precision requires us to pursue perfection and optimizing our processes and our work , giving us the speed and reliability that our customers need .
Proximity and shared intention to generate a mutual business gives us a great sensitivity to the reality of our customers , transferring many times their own professional boundaries to be a gear over your business structure .


Our consultancy has a simple goal , to help all those companies that are currently working on an international level to create and capture new business in sub-Saharan African countries .
Adapting and getting involved in all internal business processes , needed to ensure the earliest and IT effectiveness of our work.


Free our customers for all tasks concerning the organization and planning of actions in Africa .
Looking for the simplest answer to a problem.
Bringing together the best experts for each project.
Treat clients money as if it were our own .
Less talk and more action